True Life Treatment Center Program Outline

Our complete program is 16 weeks long; it is based out of the Living in Balance curriculum. Here is an outline of how our program looks.

Process of Treatment

  • Biology of Addiction
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)
  • Well-Being and Active Recovery
  • Communication
  • Self-Concept
  • Values and Action
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Service

Clients engage in treatment for a 9-12 month period (Minimum 4 months for Transition Ceremony, Aftercare Phase up to 8 months following transition)

Phase 1- Acclimation

2-4 weeks

  • Client begins treatment by engaging in the Intake and Assessment Process
  • Therapist and Case Manager are assigned
  • Client meets with Case Manager and Therapist during the first week and further assessment and treatment planning are completed

Client meets with Medical Staff in order to determine needs.

  • Barriers to treatment are discussed with Case Manager and plans of action are determined
  • Client is acclimated to the group process and commits to attending recommended frequency in GOP, IOP, and PHP programs
  • Client begins to follow through with treatment commitment and begins to regularly attend all recommended processes
  • Client receives program information from various departments (Administrative, Clinical, Medical)

Phase 2- Motivation

Minimum of 45 days

  • Client continues regular attendance and engagement in therapeutic settings (Therapy, Case Management, Medical)
  • Client completes a list of values and identifies areas to work on
  • Client begins Living in Balance program
  • Client begins to learn and understand the biology of addiction with accompanying research
  • Client begins the process of identifying beliefs and thoughts that may contribute to problem emotions and maladaptive behavior
  • Client begins the Living in Balance program
  • Client begins the disputing process of negative beliefs and thoughts (REBT)
  • Client begins autobiography (Self-Understanding)
  • Client learns the Stages of Change Model and identifies current stage with therapist and case manager
  • Client begins at least 2 objectives from the Master Treatment Plan
  • Client completes a minimum of 10 PERMA (well-being) journals
  • Client teaches a learned skill to the group (discusses how this is being utilized in his/her recovery)
  • Client begins Active Recovery Plan addressing Well-Being principles, vocational/educational needs, triggers, and relapse prevention skills

Phase 3- Well-Being

Minimum of 45 days

  • Client maintains regular attendance and adherence to program expectations
  • Client completes Autobiography and shares with therapist
  • Client completes at least 90% of treatment plan objectives and goals
  • Client continues the disputing process with negative beliefs and thoughts

Effective new thought patterns are practiced and client retains new beliefs

  • Client completes a minimum of 10 PERMA (well-being) journals
  • Client completes a minimum of 5 ABC (REBT) processes
  • Client presents a summary of a completed service project (individual or group project) in a group setting
  • Client completes Living in Balance program
  • Client completes Active Recovery Plan and presents to the group (this includes triggers, well-being actions, support systems, and continued engagement in treatment and/or self-help groups)

Phase 4- Active Recovery (Aftercare/GOP)

8 months or as needed

  • Client follows through with Active Recovery plan and continues to make recovery a life priority
  • Client shows accountability for circumstances and shares any changes to Active Recovery Plan with therapist
  • Client takes into consideration clinical suggestions for any changes to Active Recovery Plan or treatment intensity
  • Client enters Maintenance stage of change
  • Client shares situations of relapse, if necessary, and recommits
  • Continued assessment, as needed, in order to facilitate needs of client

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  • Certified On-Site Physicians
  • Provide Transportation
  • Guide Clients Through Legal Issues
  • Help Explore Other Outside Support And Resources

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