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Rehabilitation Center in Wasatch

Deciding to seek treatment for your addiction is a huge step towards living a healthier, happier life. The process can be challenging, but at True Life Treatment Center, our experienced team can ensure you are not alone. We understand you may have questions concerning rehabilitation, as well as our Utah rehabilitation facility, which is why we created a list of commonly asked questions.

What is rehabilitation?
Rehabilitation is a form of treatment / therapy for individuals who suffer from any type of substance abuse / addiction. Our rehabilitation center offers various types of rehabilitation programs and services to ensure you successfully overcome your addiction.

Does True Life Treatment Center accept insurance?
Yes, our facility accepts most insurance. Please visit our Insurance and pricing page to learn more, or call us at (801) 281-9853.

What steps do I need to take to be admitted to your center?
We require all potential clients to undergo detox for a minimum of 72 hours, as well as consent to a background check. The first month’s payment must also be made, and you must give us complete medical approval.

How long does rehabilitation take?
The duration of rehabilitation depends on various factors including the depth and severity of your addiction, your desire to get clean and sober, and the commitment to recovery. Our program is based on individual needs and is a minimum of 4 months and reevaluated by our clinical team.

How long does rehabilitation take?
The duration of rehabilitation depends on various factors including the depth and severity of your addiction, your commitment to overcome your addiction, and your commitment to remain addiction-free. Some individuals can benefit from a month’s stay, while others may wish to stay at our Wasatch rehabilitation center for up to three months.

What does detoxification include?
When a person undergoes detoxification, they are clearing their body of a drug while successfully managing any side-effects of withdrawal. True Life’s dedicated and experienced medical staff is onsite to assist clients with their medical detoxification. Clients meet with our Medical Director to determine the best course of action. We offer 5 day Subutex tapers for those detoxifying from opiate dependence. Following the taper we offer the Vivitrol shot or Naltrexone to help with cravings and for maintenance. Our goal is for all our opiate or alcohol dependent clients to achieve success using Vivitrol or Naltrexone to maintain sobriety.

How do I know I need rehabilitation?
If you find that your addiction is taking over your life, such as prohibiting you from managing your normal lifestyle, you may require rehabilitation. Your addiction can negatively affect your job, relationships, and health, so it is best to seek professional assistance as soon as possible.

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We want you to have all the answers before determining whether or not our Utah rehabilitation center is right for you. You can talk with one of our helpful and friendly staff members. If you have any further questions or wish to schedule a free consultation, do not hesitate to contact us at (801) 281-9853.

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