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It is our mission to effectively challenge individuals to live a fulfilling and successful life in addiction recovery.

Over 20 Years of Experience

We work extensively with our patients and apply the proper treatments to set them up for success.

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Salt Lake City Rehabilitation Center

Over 20 Years of Experience Assisting Individuals

Are you ready to face your addiction and reclaim your life? At True Life Treatment Center, we have over two decades of rehabilitation experience and are eager to assist those throughout Utah who are struggling to conquer their substance addictions. It is our mission to effectively challenge individuals to live fulfilling and successful lives in addiction help and recovery. Please contact our Salt Lake City rehabilitation center today at (801) 281-9853 to learn how we can start you on the road to recovery.

When you seek True Life Treatment Center for assistance, the following is at your disposal:

  • Experienced medical staff members
  • Certified, on-site physicians
  • Transportation
  • Assist clients with legal issues
  • Other outside support and resources

We understand how difficult it can be to be held hostage during your addiction, which is why we provide exceptional resources to all clients. Our supportive, highly-trained team can ensure you not only recover from your addiction but stay clean and live a happy, healthier life in the future. No matter how severe your addiction/addictions may be, we can help.

Your True Life Starts Here

One of the first steps to helping you overcome your addiction at True Life Treatment Center is determining the cause of your dependency. Once we identify the root of the problem, our caring staff can help you find other safe, healthy ways to deal with any related problems that may arise in the future. To achieve this, we offer a variety of services at our treatment facility.

Examples of our services include:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • General Outpatient Treatment
  • Prime for Life Classes
  • Aftercare Services
  • Onsite Medical Services
  • Medical Detox
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Dual-Diagnosis Services
  • Case Management
  • Psycho-Educational Programs
  • Life Skills Classes
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness Therapy
  • Family Therapy

Each one of our services is specifically tailored to meet your needs—we understand everyone has different struggles and requires different approaches to recovery. We strive to ensure all our clients feel safe at our facility and trust our staff to help them overcome their addictions, which is why we strictly hire the most compassionate and skilled individuals to work at True Life Treatment Center. Our success proves we can help nearly anyone reclaim their life—you included.

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Do not wait to get your life back on track. It is time for you to take control of your addiction and overcome it once and for all. You can depend on us at True Life Treatment Center to help you during this time of need, so call our center now at (801) 281-9853 and schedule a free consultation.

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  • Experienced Staff
  • Certified On-Site Physicians
  • Provide Transportation
  • Guide Clients Through Legal Issues
  • Help Explore Other Outside Support And Resources

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